Lessons & Training

0-3Allie knows the importance of training with someone who instills confidence in your riding abilities, using a positive teaching technique to develop a strong skill set. Having been trained by her long time coaches, Olympic rider Hawley Bennett Awad and Buck Davidson, Allie has learned firsthand from some of the best in the business.

Allie loves the sport of eventing and knows that hard work pays off. She believes that you get out what you put in, and that hard work starts at the barn each day to succeed in competition. Though focus and a strong daily routine are important, Allie also strives to create a fun environment, bringing her friendly personality and laughter into all she does. Her enthusiasm for both her horses and students each day, results in a successful riding program.

0-13Allie believes confidence is key, and that solid fundamentals are incredibly important. Each student and horse are given unique attention, where the focus is on developing confidence at home, which is then carried into competition. Allie strives for excellence with all of her students, whether their goals are to compete at the lower levels, learn the basics, or become an Advanced level competitor, she provides the tools and practical experience necessary to succeed.

Allie looks forward to assisting students of all levels for years to come and watching them develop, no matter their long-term goals. If you are interested in a lesson with Allie or want to enter a clinic, please email her or call 916-847-812.